Hotel Room A4 Information Folder


  • Full color custom design printed paper ring binder to fit A4 size sheet
  • 3 holeD ring with 1.5” height
  • Final Size:W265 x L35 x H315mm
  • triangle sleeve inside to hold documents




Vinyl Binder Elegant Features

  • Custom size
  • 1400gsm chipboard inner cored (3mm thickness)
  • Matte laminatation which is a popular option for many printed pieces, especially those that will experience frequent handling or be exposed to dirty, greasy or damp environments.
  • Size and type of 3 x 1.5″ round ring can be replaced with either D-ring or slant D ring in either polished brass or chrome or painted black finish
  • 1.5 inch ring mechanism with booster to help open and close is optional

Binder Production of Printing



Materialblack textured pvc 0.22 millimeter thickness +3mm chipboard
Printing Colornone
Ring Size3 inch Round ring
Capacity280sheets of #80 text golss
Spine Typesquare shape scored
Carton Box SizeW280 x L330 x H47mm