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Met Museum’s 3D Printing Booklet For Beginners


Are you interested in 3D printing, but don’t you know where to start, because you think you don’t have the right technical skills? Well, you’re not the only one, as the technique is still kind of underground. But it’s getting bigger and bigger, and if you would like to join the bandwagon of 3D printing, then you’ll find it useful to read New York’s Met Museum’s MediaLab’s brand new 3D printing booklet for beginners. In this free booklet, the museum accurately describes how one could 3D print an object.

The idea is that digital tools such as GarageBand and iMovie have turned everyone into a ‘maker’ and 3D printing could be the text level. The problem, however, is that many still don’t know how to use the technique properly. This new booklet could change that, as the museum explains step-by-step how to get a 3D print of something.