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Why you should choose us!
-Excellent quality
With14 years experience and advanced Heidelberg machines,HY Printing can assure you that your print product will be of extremely high quality.We offer superiorquality printing all backed by our 100% quality guarantee.

HY Printing has the resources to produce these products in a timely manner, within a reasonable budget and without compromising quality. Don't compromise on quality and see the HY Printing difference!

-Communication for sure in 24 hours
Your single point of contact will be a highly-trained English speaker with many years China Printing experience reachable by Phone, Fax, E-mail or Skype every step of the way. Print quotations are generally provided within 2 business days. Timelines are spelled out clearly in project management documents. Updates are given regularly so you know exactly what to expect. Should you have any inquiries at any time, you can reach us just as if we're printing down
the block.

-Multi shipment solutions and safe packaging
We offer rapid turnaround on all products because we keep investing on latest technology and fully-automatic printing and finishing machines. From design, prepress, printing to finishing, all production takes place in house.


Engaged with printing business, HY Printing has been committed to protecting the environment. Moreover, protecting the environment, our customers and our employees is one of our highest concerns. To do this we use vegetable based inks with low VOC emissions and offer paper options that contain up to 55% post-consumer recycled content.

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