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    1.1 1. Printing Finishing

    Finishing is a term used to describe actions taken after print work is completed. There are many more finishing options for binder. Our print finishing team can laminate, gather, stitch, trim, perfect bind, die cut, endorse fold, emboss, and even offer spot UV.

    -What is lamination?

    Laminating is the process of providing a plastic coating to printed material and gluing the two together using an adhesive. It is particularly useful for clients who have printed items that they want colleagues or customers to keep for long periods of time as the lamination helps to extend the shelf life of the item. Laminating is a service we can provide in-house, thereby speeding up delivery for clients and keeping costs to a minimum.

    -What is embossing?

    The embossing process is an imprint method that uses heat and pressure instead of ink or foil to stamp a design directly into the stock of your binder. This creates a raised effect (or in the case of debossing an indented effect) that can be both seen and felt.
    Embossing takes place after your binder has been printed with ink, but before any finishing effects like foil stamping or spot coating has taken place. This gives you a number of design options for incorporating embossed elements. You can make printed elements look three-dimensional or let the embossing itself take center stage.


    - What is die-cutting

    Die cutting is a manufacturing process used to generate large numbers of the same shape from a material such as wood, plastic, metal, or fabric.  The process is widely used on an assortment of materials all over the world, and many manufactured products contain several die cut components, often assembled together in a series of steps to create a finished product.
    Die cutting is the process that cuts out non-square shapes from sheets of paper using a cutting former.
    The cutting former is made from plywood with the cutting template laser cut into it. A metal cutting rule is then bent to the same shape and inserted into the plywood base to create a very stable cutting tool.

    1.2 2. CMYK and Pantone

     -CMYK and Pantone

    The CMYK process is a method of printing color by using four inks — cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. A majority of the world's printed material is produced using the CMYK process, and there is a special subset of Pantone colors that can be reproduced using CMYK .Those that are possible to simulate through the CMYK process are labeled as such within the company's guides.

    The Pantone system also allows for many special colors to be produced. While most of the Pantone system colors are beyond the printed CMYK gamut, it was only in 2001 that Pantone began providing translations of their existing system with screen-based colors. Screen-based colors use the RGB color model — red, green, blue — system to create various colors.

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    2.1 3.What products do you work on

    3. What products do you work on?

    We work on binder, paper printing, corporate folders, packaging of all kinds, stationery, gift boxes or bags,, labels and anything else that might need to grab a viewer’s attention.

    - What details of our product are necessary for quotation?

    When you are making an inquiry, please provide the information about the size, printing color, paper stock, bindery, finish and quantity of the product you want. If you need to print books or brochures, please tell us about the number of pages.


    - How is the ring capacity determined?

    For round ring binders capacity is determined by measuring the INSIDE DIAMETER of the ring. For D-ring binders, measure the inside of the straight part of the ring. This will tell you how much paper the ring will actually hold. For example, a one-inch capacity ring will hold 200 sheets of 20# bond paper, whether it is a round or D-ring. DO NOT measure the outside spine of the binder.

    2.2 4.Advanced topics


    - The Shipment

    Fast delivery for the cargos, and depends on the quantity of your order yourself.
    You also can appoint your own agent; or arrange shipping by y.

    - Quality and service

    Our products passed the ISO9001:2000 test.
    Friendly and considerate service: pre-sale service and after-sale service.

    2.3 5. What about the payment

    30%-50% deposit, the rest T/T before shipment or to be negotiated issues PLS confirm all the details with us before doing the payment.

    - TT payment by remit

    T/T always make all jobs easy starting production.

    -by cash

    It's fast , but meanwhile, it's not the best way due to the exchange rate changing.

    2.4 6. How to send the artwork files

    you can send files to us as follows:

    - How to send the artwork files to us?

    1) You can send us conventional black and white camera-ready artwork, with all type and artwork in place, pasted up on illustration board.
    2) You can also send your art on a disk, or e-mail it to us.
    3) We'd also appreciate it if you could visit our FTP online and upload your printing folders there, it only takes about thirty minutes. You can ask your customer service representative for more information.
    4)you can visit our company website ,enter the “Sending Files


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  • 3. Printing News

    3.1 Europe still be one of the most important printing market

    The European market for the importance of technological innovation-oriented enterprises can through its every country productivity level of the printing industry.According to the European Union for print and digital communications, new market survey report issued by European about 12 m printing enterprise at present, 725000 employees, annual output value of around 88 billion euros printing.With another printing in emerging markets, compared to China, although the print output, but the per capita output value more than 5 times higher than in China.

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