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Cross[cross] Sewing[sewing] sticker[sticker] Flocking[201108021330147478] Trigger-7R rings[Trigger - 7R - Ring] Trigger-6R rings[Trigger - 6R - Ring] Trigger-5R rings[Trigger - 5R - Ring] Trigger-4R rings[Trigger - 4R - Ring] Trigger-3R rings[Trigger - 3R - Ring] Trigger-2R rings[Trigger - 2R - Ring] Trigger-4Q rings[Trigger - 4Q - Ring] Trigger-3Q rings[Trigger - 3Q - Ring] Trigger-2Q rings[Trigger - 2Q - Ring] Trigger-7D rings[Trigger - 7D - Ring] Trigger-6D rings[Trigger - 6D - Ring] Trigger-5D rings[Trigger - 5D - Ring] Trigger-4D rings[Trigger - 4D - Ring_13] Trigger-3D rings[Trigger - 3D – Ring_4] Trigger_2D_Ring[Trigger - 2D - Ring_5] Metal Multi Ring[Metal Multi-Ring_5] Finger ring&Rado Slot[Finger Ring & Rado Slot (2)] Finger Ring[Finger Ring] header[header_01] Shrink wrapping[SHK_wrapping] Variable data[Serial number] Scoring or Creasing[Scoring] Collating and Gathering[Collating] Cutting and Trimming[Cutting and Trimming] Loose-leaf binding[Loose-leaf binding] All over UV[All-over UV] UV Spot[UV spot] Common Binding[Binding_Glu] YO Bound[YO bound] Thread Bound[thread-bound] Case Bound[Case bound] Butterfly Bound[Butterfly_STH] Dotted line[Dotted line] Rivet[rivet] Punch[punch] Eyelet[Eyelet] Punching hole[Punching hole] Butterfly hole[Butterfly_HOK] Screen printing[screen printing] round-corner cutting[round-corner cutting] PVC[PVC] Jacketting[jacketting] Jacket[Jacket_PRN] Calendaring[calendaring] Matte Varnish[Matte varnish] Glossy Varnish[Glossy Varnish] Matte Lamination[Lamination-Mat] Glossy Lamination[Laminate_Gls] Hook Loop[Hook&Loop] Envelop_Size[envelop-size] Cards cutting[cards cutting] Bottom gluding[Bottom gluing] Punch[punch] Dotted line[Dotted line] Tangerine[tangerine] Eyelet[Eyelet] Packaging[Packaging] Plastic buckles[plastic buckles] UV spot[UV spot] Full UV[Full UV] Paper rope handle[ROP_Paper] Terylene rope handle[ROP_Terylene] Cotton rope handle[ROP_Cotton] PP Rope handle[ROP_Nylon] Fold[Fold] YO Bound[YO bound] Thread- Bound[thread-bound] Other Binding[Binding] Butterfly Binding[Butterfly_STH] Case bound Binding[Case bound] Butterfly hook[Butterfly_HOK] Punching hole[Punching hole] flocking[Flocking] gold foiling[Gold Foiling] Sliver Foiling[Sliver_ Fold] Emboss[Emboss] Deboss[Deboss] Die-Cut[Die-Cut] Pallet[Pallet]